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A change of heart

My 2016 started off as a good year, me and my husband decided to try for our third baby, I had it all worked out, as I was at uni I wanted to be due in may 2017 so i had handed all my work in and could have the summer off with my baby before contuining my degree in the September.
In the summer of 2016 we went away on an adventure weekend, we had a brilliant time and commented on the fact that now our children were older and able to take care of themselves most of the time we could have more fun adventures and therefore we decided to stop trying for a baby as we were happy with our lives how it was.
4 weeks later- no period, I decided to do a pregnancy test – it’s positive! How do I feel? I dont know….

To be continued..


2 thoughts on “A change of heart”

  1. A very brave and honest account of living with your mental health. Having known you for 5 years and being aware of some of what you’re experiencing, this blog provides further understanding into you and your life. The Amy I see always has a smile on her face and strives to ensure her children’s happiness. You are a fantastic mother and wife, it’s clear to everyone your family comes first.

    The blog around loneliness particulary struck a nerve with me. Not because I feel lonely as such but because I feel the opposite whereby I crave and need to be alone. You Amy, in the time you have known me, have really understood this need in me and will recognise the signs.

    Well done on your blog. Keep going and more importantly keep being you!!

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    1. Thank you Rachel. I also wish for time on my own, and some peace and quiet. The loneliness comes from being surrounded by the arguments and feeling like I am the only person who has to deal with it, and also not having adult company.
      Thanks again x


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