babies and miscarriage

Plans for the future

A few days later and i’v got over the shock and the fact that we had changed our minds. We are happy and planning ahead for the future. We realise everything has worked out just as we planned… the baby is due in may 2017!
We attend the doctor’s to see the midwife, we are given our booking in appointment ànd we are very happy. We decide to tell our children, close families and a few friends.
I know people say you shouldn’t tell anyone till after your 12 week scan but we can’t hide our excitement and as I had previously had a miscarriage I knew that you need people around you and you shouldn’t deal with it alone so why not share in our good news.

It’s now October and we are going away with a few of our friends and our children to our favourite place – centre parcs. The girls are so excited and so are we. We travel after school finishes and we arrive a few hours earlier than our friends. We go straight to the pool as the girls can’t wait – they are little fishes. I buy a new maternity swimming cossie as even though I’m only 8 weeks it’s a struggle to get into my normal costume.

Later after swimming we are back at the apartment and the girls are playing happily and so we disappear to our bedroom for a little alone time.
I go to the toilet after and my daughter follows me in. As I wipe the toilet roll is covered in blood!
My daughter says ” I didn’t think you had periods when your having a baby”
I stutter, not knowing how to reply…. and I shout my husband.
We know what this means….. I’m miscarrying again. (This is what happened the last time, bleeding after sex)
What do we do?


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