Surely having a husband and 3 children means you can’t ever be lonely?

Motherhood is the most amazing, hardest and loneliest part of my life.
I was a stay at home mum for five years, also living 250 miles from my family and friends. I look back on it now and wish I had appreciated it more, children grow so fast and I should have took more time to appreciate every moment when they were little. But life and my own thoughts and feelings took over. I could not wait for them to go to bed so I had some peace and me time, and then when they were in bed I could not wait for them to wake up so I had some company and moments to make me smile.

Now I work part time, am a student at uni and look after my children with the help of my husband and my family and friends live 10 minutes away. So why do I still feel lonely?

I really try to pull myself out of feeling down and try to appreciate my children but it is so hard. Us mums/parents of any kind need to club together to support each other. Be open and honest about the brilliance but also the hardness of family life. Don’t shut your feelings down, let them out, share them.


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