The start of my Anxiety – IBS

In 2011 my husband was in Afghanistan, my girls and me were living with my parents while he was away. The girls were invited to their uncle and aunties for a few days and so me and my friend decided to have a trip to Thorpe Park. We had a brilliant time – going on rides, staying in a hotel, meeting up with another friend (It was the first time I had let myself spend a couple of days being me rather than just being a mum).
On the last day as we were waiting in a carpark to pick up my girls to come home my tummy suddenly flipped and I needed to go to the toilet right then (I could not wait). We had no idea where the nearest toilet was as we did not know the area. I drove quickly (but safely) and found a pub toilet.

I had suffered from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for years but this was the first proper time it had happened and I did not know where there was a toilet. IBS can present itself in many ways, but mine was always the same. Sudden, sharp stabbing pains in my tummy and the instant need for a poo. I would have to run to the toilet (there was no waiting as it was coming there and then). Often people say to me ‘Oooh iv needed a poo all day’ – I have no idea what that is like, how can they have needed it but not have had to go? Its because they are lucky and do not have IBS.

So anyway back to my story, I had now been to the toilet and was back in the car just arriving back at the carpark when it happened again. At least this time I knew where the pub toilet was so I drove back again. This time we recieved a call from the girls uncle to say they were in the carpark. I started paniking that I needed to hurry and get back to them (this was not a proper panic – just a little one, but why I had panicked i do not know as they would have just waited). So back we went, we picked them up and started the long drive home down the M25 and the M6. As I was driving it would suddenly happen again – I needed the toilet. That journey home is a bit of a blur, I remember not feeling with it, all I could focus on was getting to the next toilet. We stopped at every service station and I bought some Imodium to try to stop me from going.

This was just the start to my problems!!


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