My Graduation – I did it!

The day before my graduation I was feeling nervous and as I had won our family sweepstake on the world cup I decided to treat myself to a massage. I don’t think that any of us treat ourselves enough, and a massage is definitely something to have as often as you can afford as it is very relaxing and helps relieve the stresses of life. I had an aromatherapy massage with specific oils good for anxiety. My friend Kath Matthews has her own company ‘Elite Holistic Therapies’ (find her on Facebook) and she came to my house which is brilliant for my anxiety as I can feel very relaxed. The massage was amazing and definitely helped to relax me.

So I slept well the night before but in the morning woke up anxious. I got the girls ready for school and my son ready for his childminders. I got myself ready and me and my husband took everyone to where they needed to be. My stomach was doing somersaults and I ended up stuck on the toilet at my parents house while waiting for my mother-in-law to pick us up. I felt sick with nerves at the thought of not being able to leave the room to go to the toilet (even though I knew I had been ok recently since taking my Sertraline). We got there and my husband kept having to tell me to calm down (I was getting narky with him for nothing because of my nerves).

Then it started – and it was long but my nerves had mainly gone, I was just worried I would trip on the stage as my gown was pretty long. But I did it, and I didn’t fall. I realised that everyone around me was also nervous of falling.

My friends and me had done it – we had completed our foundation degree (me with a distinction) and had graduated. It was photo time and celebration time, and we had been told we got to keep our hats so I wore mine out for lunch.

I am very proud of myself for managing my graduation and I am reminding you all to praise yourself when you make little steps!


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